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Principle Shooting Begins on A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS

William Shockley& Joey Lauren Adams in SAVING SANTA

It’s going to be a wild one.

Team Two Entertainment has begun principle production on their new family film, A COUNTRY CHRISTMAS. The film stars talented young actors Caitlin Carmichael and Benjamin Stockham as Miley and Zach Logan, two kids whom take it upon themselves to rescue Santa and his head elf Elliot when a glitch in his powers causes him to crash land in their family’s barn. Santa’s losing his powers because of a global movement to ban the belief in Santa Clause led by Senator Max Schmucker, whom claims believing in Santa Clause is teaching children other people will solve their problems. The fewer people that believe in Santa, the more his magic fades. If all his magic disappears, then so does Santa.

It’s a race against time, as Miley and Zach try and thwart Schmucker’s plan before Santa Clause’s magic is gone, and he disappears forever.

Also starring in the film are Illeana Douglas as Susan Satcher, Schmucker’s pugnagious Girl Friday, Joey Lauren Adams as Renae Logan, Zach and Miley’s mother, and William Shockley as Joe Logan, Miley and Zach’s rancher father.

Several country music stars will make cameo appearances including Jay Demarcus from Rascal Flats and Trace Adkins.

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