William Shockley has amassed a unique body of work with an evocative edge. With stand out performances in such films as SHOWGIRLS, DREAM LOVER and ROBOCOP, Shockley also won over audiences for 6 years as ‘Hank Lawson’, the moody saloonkeeper and brothel owner in CBS’ highly regarded drama, DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN, starring Jane Seymour.  As evidence of his character’s popularity, Shockley was given a development deal by CBS and starred in his own series, a DR. QUINN spin-off series, CALIFORNIA.

In 2019, Shockley stars in three films.  WILD LEAGUE with Adrian Paul, a 1910 period piece filmed on location in Moscow, Russia, detailing how the British brought soccer to Russia.  LOVE BY DROWNING with Nicky Whelan, a dark thriller about a woman seeking revenge on a former lover.  THE LEGEND OF 5 MILE CAVE with Adam Baldwin, a western set in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, following the journey of a man falsely convicted of murder and his effort to seek redemption.   Shockley recently starred in LAST RAMPAGE with Heather Graham and Robert Patrick, based on a true story of a convicted murderer who breaks out of  jail and goes on killing spree.  MISTRUST with Jane Seymour, a modern day story about love, relationships and self-discovery.  YOU CAN’T SAY NO with Marguerite Moreau, a romantic tale of the unusual path that can lead to love.

Shockley has produced country music videos for Randy Houser “We Went” and “Like A Cowboy”, Kix Brooks “New to This Town”, Megan Mullins “Long Past Gone”, Ash Bowers “Stuck” and David St. Romain “That’s Love”.  In the world of radio, Shockley hosted Tribune Entertainment’s syndicated country music  show, “The Road”, and was nominated by “Billboard” Magazine for Best Syndicated Radio Show. Shockley does extensive voice over work in television and radio advertising, having been the voice for Enterprise, Sony, Bausch & Lomb, Sprint, AT&T, Toyota, Siemens, Cisco Systems, Isuzu, Fruit of the Loom and XM Satellite Radio, to name a few.