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AMBUSH AT DARK CANYON blows into the Austin Film Festival

AMBUSH AT DARK CANYON, Team Two Entertainment’s tight-rope, gunslinging western starring Kix Brooks and Ernie Hudson, will be a Marquee screening at this year’s Austin Film Festival.    TKAM joins films from acclaimed directors like David O. Russel (THREE KINGS).  The film tells the story of Duke Donovan (Brooks) a legendary lawman sentenced to life in prison after being blackmailed into helping notorious outlaw Levi Hardin hold up and bank.  While in jail, Donovan finds out Hardin survived their gunfight after the robbery, and has set out on a new target; Donovan’s wife.  With the help of prison cook Cyrus (Hudson), an ex-Buffalo soldier, Donovan escapes and tears off across the country side.  But can he get to his ranch, and his loving wife, before the ruthless Hardin?  You’ll find out if you go to the Austin Film Festival, running October 18th through October 25th.  

AMBUSH AT DARK CANYON will be screening on Tuesday, October 23rd, at the Paramount theater.  You can find tickets at

The whole Team Two crew will be there, including actors in the film Kix Brooks, William Shockley, Tim Murphy, Luke Massy and director Dustin Rikert.  Come on out, ought to be a party.

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Stacy —

Hi! I’m a HUGE Kix Brooks fan and read about this movie in one of the issues of “People Country” magazine. I’m so excited to see this film when it comes out! The trailer looks amazing!!! I’m gonna buy my tickets to see it at the festival right now! Will the movie be available on Blu-ray when it’s released on DVD? I heard that there are some original new songs sung by Kix and Randy Houser on the soundtrack that are not available on their albums. Is this true? Good luck and hope to see you all at the festival! 🙂

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    Dustin —

    Thanks for checking us out at Team Two Entertainment Stacy! Yes, there are new songs sung by Kix and Randy just for the film & they rock!! The songs and the film will be out everywhere once we are given a release date. I’m guessing it’ll be early spring, but keep checking back for updates. See you in Austin, don’t be shy!!

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