What Is The Movie With Jeff Bridges About Moonshining? (Perfect answer)

The film, directed by Lamont Johnson, stars Jeff Bridges as Junior Jackson, a figure loosely based on Johnson’s real-life counterpart.

The Last American Hero
Based on 1965 Esquire article by Tom Wolfe
Produced by William Roberts John Cutts
Starring Jeff Bridges Valerie Perrine Geraldine Fitzgerald

Which of the ‘Tron’ films has Jeff Bridges appeared in?

  • Jeff Bridges was then cast in the film ‘Tron,’ which he then reprised in the sequel, ‘Tron: Legacy’ (2010). In terms of box office success, both films were enormous.

Is there a movie about Junior Johnson?

A week of pre-production footage was shot at stock car and demolition derby races in Hickory and Concord in North Carolina, as well as Martinsville in Virginia, according to the production notes. Charlotte, North Carolina served as the primary shooting location and the film’s base of operations throughout the production.

Who is Junior Johnson’s wife?

After his 1992 marriage to Lisa Day (b. 1965), he had two children: daughter Meredith Suzanne (b. 1995) and son Robert Glenn Johnson III (b. 1993), both of whom went on to attend Duke University. He is also the father of two stepchildren. Johnson constructed a new home for his family in 1997, but he had to sell it in 2012 because of his failing health.

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Is the last American hero a true story?

An American sports drama film based on the actual life of American NASCAR racer Junior Johnson, The Last American Hero (also known as Hard Driver) premiered in 1973 and is still in theaters. The film’s theme song, “I Got a Name,” performed by Jim Croce, went on to become a top-selling single in the United States.

Was William Katt on Perry Mason?

The Perry Mason television films were produced between 1985 and 1988, and Katt starred in nine of them, playing the role of private detective Paul Drake Jr., the fictional son of Paul Drake, a fictional private detective in the Perry Mason television series and the Perry Mason series of detective stories written by Erle Stanley Gardner; Katt co-starred with his brother, actor Michael Katt, in the Perry Mason television films.

What was the last episode of The Greatest American Hero?

Junior Johnson’s – Midnight Moon Moonshine (750ml) Midnight Moon Original is an 80 proof (40 percent alc./vol.) spirit with a gentle sweetness from the maize that is distilled to perfection.

Who pardoned Junior Johnson?

After he was released, he went on to win 50 races as a driver and six championships as an owner after his release. In the early 1980s, he submitted a formal appeal for clemency. It wasn’t until President Ronald Reagan issued one on December 26, 1986, that one became official.

Who all drove for Junior Johnson?

Johnson’s drivers included Darrell Waltrip, Cale Yarborough, Bill Elliott, and Terry Labonte, among others. Yarborough and Johnson were the first team in NASCAR history to win three consecutive championships from 1976 to 1978, a record that was subsequently equaled and surpassed by Jimmie Johnson and Hendrick Motorsports in the 1990s.

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