What Is The Name Of The Film Sean Penn Played The Cure Leader Who’s Dad Got Killed In Holocaust? (Solved)

Sean Penn and Frances McDormand feature in the film.
This Has to Be the Location (film)

This Must Be the Place
Story by Paolo Sorrentino
Produced by Francesca Cima Nicola Giuliano Andrea Occhipinti
Starring Sean Penn Frances McDormand


Who is Sean Penn portraying in the movie This Must Be The Place?

Sean Penn stars as Cheyenne, a retired American goth rock singer who has weathered the height of his fame and is now living off his riches in relative obscurity in Ireland. This Must Be the Place is the latest film by director Paolo Sorrentino.

What is the movie This Must Be The Place about?

Sorrentino was influenced by The Cure’s vocalist Robert Smith, who has maintained his gothic look throughout his career. In an interview with IFTN, Smith’s director characterized him as “a fifty-year-old who is still entirely connected with an appearance that is, by definition, that of an adolescent.”

Who directed This Must Be The Place?

And, aside from his abhorrence of the press, it is this that distinguishes Penn from his contemporaries: he is a serious activist when contrasted to his peers.

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Who is Mary to Cheyenne in This Must Be the Place?

Despite the emotionally charged subject matter, the film is notable for its lack of sensationalism and for its surprisingly sensitive moments, none more so than Cheyenne’s friendship with Mary, played by young Irish actress Eve Hewson, who is Cheyenne’s adolescent buddy.

Who is the woman in the window in this must be the place?

Cheyenne (Sean Penn) is a retired goth musician who spends his days bouncing around his Dublin estate, evading his cheery wife Jane’s (Frances McDormand) attempts to get him engaged, and seeing sixteen-year-old fan-turned-friend Mary (Eve Hewson) for coffee every day at a shopping mall.

Where was the movie This Must Be the Place filmed?

It was shot in Ireland and Italy, as well as the states of Michigan, New Mexico, and New York, among other locations. At the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, the film was shown as part of the competition.

What genre is this must be the place?

This Has to Be the Location (2011) The disappearance of Mary’s brother Tony, as well as the graves of two frail young brothers who committed themselves after listening to Cheyenne’s dismal progressive rock, are all alluded to in oblique fashion.

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