What Is Your Verse Robin Williams? (Best solution)

That the strong play *continues* and that you get the opportunity to offer a verse. What will be the subject of your verse? That you are present – that life and identity exist; that the tremendous drama continues and that you may be able to offer a verse.

What does it mean what will your verse be?

If you’re feeling unworthy, it raises fundamental questions that we’ve all asked ourselves, and it delivers a profound answer: that you are here, and that you have the opportunity to contribute a ” verse ” to this great production we call life. So, what will be the subject of your verse? What do you think you’ll be able to contribute?

What does you may contribute a verse mean in Dead Poets Society?

Whitman’s response: That you are present—that life and identity exist—that the tremendous play continues and that you might be able to add a line. According to Whitman, the fact that life exists should be sufficient motivation for us to discover a reason to continue to exist.

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Is the human race really filled with passion?

And the human race is ablaze with zeal for what it does. And medical, law, business, and engineering are all great disciplines that are required to keep the human race alive. Poetry, beauty, romance, and love, on the other hand, are the things that keep us going. “O me!” says Whitman, referring to himself.

What was Whitman’s verse?

What exactly is my goal? We are here, life exists, and we have a unique identity that we must shape according to our own preferences. The passage that Walt Whitman and Robin Williams are referring to is the legacy that you must leave in the world when you die. The term “powerful play” alludes to the ability we all have to affect others in our daily lives.

What does of the objects mean mean?

The “things” that we as humans desire are only worldly or temporal requirements that will not provide us with long-term satisfaction. It is the never-ending battle of life and the never-ending obstacles that are depicted in “the struggle ever renew’d.” Whitman describes people’s life as being filled with “empty and worthless years,” during which they spend their time thinking about insignificant aspirations.

Where does the Dead Poets Society meet?

The Dead Poets Society meets in an ancient cave in a pine forest, just a short walk from the Welton campus, behind a creek and through a gate into the woods.

How does Neil decide to seize the day?

Neil takes advantage of the opportunity by participating in the play “A Midsummer Night’s Ambition,” in which he played the role of Puck. He performed so admirably that the audience cheered him, giving him hope that his dream of becoming an actor will come true. Neil, on the other hand, is unable to make decisions about his own life.

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What is the famous line from Dead Poets Society?

‘ Carpe diem,’ says Robin Williams in one of his finest Dead Poets Society quotes: ‘ Take advantage of the situation, lads. Take steps to make your life more spectacular’ | The Independent | The Independent

What is the famous quote from Dead Poets Society?

Quotes from the Dead Poets Society. Neil Perry (Neil Perry): To live intentionally, I walked out into the woods with my girlfriend. I wanted to savor every moment of life and extract every ounce of its marrow. To put an end to all that was not life; and not to realize, when it came time to go, that I had not lived at all.

Who is Knox infatuated with?

In the film Dead Poets Society, Knox Overstreet falls head over heels in love with Chris Noel. Knox meets Chris for the first time at the house of Mr. Danburry, a former classmate.

Why did Mr Keating tell the kids to stand on his desk?

In his own words, Keating adds, “I stand on my desk to remind you that we must continuously look at things from a fresh perspective.” It’s quite simple and comfortable to go with the flow.

Is Mr Keating a bad influence?

To summarize, Mr. Keating had both a detrimental and a favorable impact on Neil; but, he has done far more harm than good in this situation. For example, Mr. Keating encourages Charlie to quit acting rebelliously so that he might avoid being expelled from the school.

What is Whitman?

Walter Whitman (/hwtmn/; May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892) was an American poet, essayist, and journalist who lived from 1819 to 18922 in New York City. In 1855, Whitman’s major poetry collection, Leaves of Grass, was first published, using his own money, and quickly gained widespread recognition. The work was an attempt to reach out to the average person through the medium of an American epic.

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What does O Me O life mean?

‘Oh, Life!’ When it comes to representing human struggle: The poem is about people’ struggle with the fact that they spend years and years chasing after a goal that will never come true. As a result, the poet challenges the meaning of everyone’s existence. Everyone in his immediate vicinity, he believes, is dumb and untrustworthy.

What does plodding and sordid mean?

The unending trains of the faithless, the towns swarming with the ignorant, these are the things that haunt me. This time, pay more attention to the throng, since the city is packed with people simply going about their everyday lives (‘plodding,’) and living low, immoral and filthy lifestyles (‘sordid,’) as they see fit. In conclusion, life is a fruitless battle.

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