Whats The Movie Where The Aliens Are Taking Earths Water And Morgan Freeman Is Resistance Leader? (TOP 5 Tips)

The state of obscurity (2013 film)

Based on Oblivion by Joseph Kosinski
Produced by Peter Chernin Dylan Clark Duncan Henderson Joseph Kosinski Barry Levine
Starring Tom Cruise Morgan Freeman Olga Kurylenko Andrea Riseborough Nikolaj Coster-Waldau Melissa Leo
Cinematography Claudio Miranda

What tactics did Bo Morgan and Merrill use to combat the alien?

  • Suddenly, Merrill reaches for his baseball bat and begins swinging, just as the alien blasts Morgan with his lethal gas mixture. Morgan is knocked to the ground by the alien, and Merrill continues to swing. After slamming up into a bureau and spilling a glass of Bo’s undrinkable water on himself, the alien’s skin becomes crimson and blisters.

What is the film Oblivion about?

Cruise stars as Jack Harper, a futuristic maintenance worker whose dangerous job entails repairing the drones that patrol Earth, an uninhabited wasteland where giant “hydro rigs” convert seawater into energy that is used by the remnants of the human race, which has relocated to a colony on one of Saturn’s moons. Cruise is married to actress Kate Hudson, who co-stars with Cruise in the film.

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Will there be Oblivion 2?

Oblivion, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi film starring actor Tom Cruise, has been optioned for a sequel. However, director Joseph Kosinski has said that this time around it would be a prequel to the first film.

What are the aliens in Oblivion?

The Scavs are actually human survivors of the conflict who have been dragged underground and confined there by the formidable droids that Harper has been maintaining for the past many years. When it comes to technology, Harper and Victoria are practically as artificial as those droids; they are both clones of astronauts abducted by the aliens during a space voyage some decades before.

Who is the Jack Harper at the end of oblivion?

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and a crew of six people are sent on a mission to investigate a giant spacecraft that is orbiting the planet in order to learn more about it. Jack and his crew are being drawn closer to the big vessel, and the gravity of the massive craft is so intense that they are unable to get away from it.

Was Suri Cruise in the movie Oblivion?

‘Oblivion’ stars Tom Cruise and Olga Kurylenko are seen walking around the set of their upcoming film on Tuesday (June 12) in New York City. Suri, the actor’s 6-year-old daughter, braved the rain to pay a visit to her famous father at his place of business. Tom Cruise, Suri, and Olga Kurylenko on the set of Oblivion are seen in more than a dozen photographs inside.

Is Jack Harper a clone?

Jack Harper, Tech 49, played by Tom Cruise, is a technician who works to fix drones on the planet Earth. Originally, he was the leader of an expedition to Titan, but he was abducted and cloned by the Tet in order to battle humans. Cruise also appears as Jack Harper, Tech 52, a clone of the Tet who at first remains loyal to the organization.

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How old is Tom Cruise now?

One of the most shocking revelations in Oblivion is that Jack is one of many clones of a renowned NASA astronaut who has been abducted by extraterrestrials. These clones are maintained on hand in the manner of the Matrix.

What happened to the original Jack in Oblivion?

Jack is revealed to be one of many clones of a renowned NASA astronaut captured by the aliens, which is one of the most significant revelations in Oblivion. Matrix-style, these copies are always on hand.

What should I watch if I like Prometheus?

If you enjoyed Prometheus, here are ten more science fiction films to see.

  1. 3 The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) – Available To Stream On Amazon Prime Video.
  2. 4 Ex Machina (2015) – Available To Stream On Hoopla. 1 Alien (1979) – Available To Stream On IMDb TV. 2 Soylent Green (1973) – Available For Rent On YouTube. 3 Alien (1979) – Available To Stream On IMDb TV.

What is the Oblivion 2 called?

Backlash is a 1996 American direct-to-video space western film directed by Sam Irvin and written by Peter David, with Richard Joseph Paul, Jackie Swanson, Maxwell Caulfield and Musetta Vander in the lead roles. Production company Full Moon Entertainment was in charge of the filming, which took place in Romania. It is a prequel to the 1994 film Oblivion, which is set in the same universe.

What should I watch after Oblivion?

If you’re a fan of Oblivion, here are 10 sci-fi films to see.

  • Three films: Edge of Tomorrow
  • Four films: The Maze Runner
  • Five films: Logan’s Run. Six films: WALL-E
  • Seven films: Moon
  • Eight films: Planet of the Apes. 10 The Island
  • 9 Tron: Legacy
  • 10 Tron: Legacy

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