BORN WILD. Coming December 16, 2014

When his best friend, “Johnny Boyd”, commits suicide after learning he has an incurable disease, “CJ Jennings” is unwittingly left to pick up the pieces, helping a family and a town he abandoned long ago. A loner, CJ has been running from his past for half his life. Released from a 5-year stint in prison for killing a fellow Biker Gang member in self defense, he returns to his small, southern hometown of Banshee, TX where grew up, and soon finds himself confronting ghosts of his youth, problems of the present, and a father he never knew, Centered around American traditions of hard living, good times and country music, BORN WILD is a honky tonk love story about heartache, hope and redemption.


BORN WILD Official Trailer – Starring Barry Corbin, William Shockley, Tanya Clarke and Kix Brooks. Directed by Dustin Rikert

Production Photos

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